Thursday, November 29, 2018


Yesterday I was in a fifth grade class that enlightened me, affected me and made me want to encourage every eleven, twelve, thirteen year old I meet.
What a year of shaping.
Merit and Willem have a combo of ten basketball games this week, maybe eleven.
Being part of a TEAM - wow, the hundreds of lessons learned.
Being in shape and getting great exercise - huge.
The coaching, encouragement and discipline, so incredible.

My computer crashed last week. Every single pic I took from September 1st till now, gone! It reminded me to save the especially precious ones on something other than my computer and it made me thankful I take so many pictures.

All of my fall photo shoots were already given to clients -- yay!!

Today I am thankful for my teaching degree. I am thankful for the creativity and learning in photography. I feel very thankful that our kids are working hard in school.  I am thankful for sports. I am grateful for the rain. ------ Having a 16 year old driver, we could skip snow and ice this winter.

And deep down, I know to be thankful for criticism, hardships and tough days. These times build character and cause me to seek Jesus. And while I pray for the ability to find joy in the journey or pray for the best way to interact with hard people or situations, it is also pretty easy to count the MANY blessings that surround me.

May your  blessings be within your view today -